Ashton founded LIVE Mentorship Program in 2011 while a sophomore at Lincoln University in Oxford, PA. Ashton is well-known for his award-winning community involvement and commitment to helping young people to learn the skills needed to succeed in school and life, would travel two hours from Pennsylvania to his hometown of Highland Park, NJ each Thursday evening to mentor at-risk adolescents and young adults between the ages of 9 – 19.  


Under his leadership, Live Mentorship Program provides its members with the opportunity to participate in character-building service projects, such as food drives to help people in need, charity basketball games to collect canned goods for people in need, blanket drives to collect blankets for children in Malawi, Africa, and annual Charity Games to raise cancer awareness. The members of LIVE Mentorship Program even cooked meals for families at the Ronald McDonald House in New Brunswick, which provides families lodging when they travel to New Brunswick for pediatric medical care.


The goal of Live Mentorship Program is to stop Gun violence improving awareness. LIVE Mentorship Program is successful in building leadership skills, self-confidence and a “can-do” attitude among its membership. In fact, 100% of all seniors who have gone through the Live Mentorship Program graduate high school.


LIVE Mentorship Program

•A decal project called “All Are Welcome Here”, which is a project that will encourage businesses and residents to become more aware biases and to overall change perceptions.

•An annual “Shoot Hoops” basketball game. The basketball games include young men from Burrell’s mentor program and alumni from local high schools, in an effort to bridge the gap between the youth and adults in the community.

•A “Golden Ceremony” that was created three years ago for the graduates of Burrell’s mentorship program. The purpose is to recognize all graduates in the program from elementary up to seniors in high school - this year he also exceeded a one-hundred percent  graduation rate for its seventh year in a row.