A Breakdown Of Impact: An Encouraging Guide To Help You Make Your Impact

The breakdown of impact is a guide to be of help in your everyday life. It is written the with the raw feelings of how Ashton Burrell breaks down the word IMPACT. This book is encouraging and uplifting to people all over this world. We all go through this thing called life so let’s make our IMPACT while we are here! Ashton considers this as a "quick read," which is also self-publishedand available on Amazon. The information inside is meant to be a guide to help others make an impact, the tone is motivational, encouraging, inspirational.

It only took Ashton a month to write  A Breakdown of Impact and when he wrote it, he  wrote it off of a lot of emotion. Ashton says, "one of the young adults had asked me what do I do — what inspires me. I sat there and thought about it and that's what I ended up writing. I didn't edit it or anything — it's a raw version. I didn't want to take any emotion from it or any type of spirit that I had put into the words. So, I didn't touch it. I'm a big believer in not changing something if it is written off of emotion. It is a  methodology allows the reader to get the "real person."